Development Of Bottle Material For Plastic Bottle
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The use of coating technology to create barrier plastic bottle technology has been declining trend, Germany Krones AG, American Music Company (Tetra Pak, Illinois State) began to cut production scale. Krones Company and the Coca-Cola Company developed the Bestpet technology, coating the outer surface of the bottle with silicon oxide coating. A spokesman for the company said that because of the high cost, inadequate oxygen barrier performance, the technology is outdated, and Le Company has terminated the application of the pet bottle inside the wall of the Glaskin Silica plasma coating system research work.

In addition, Italy SIPA company for Pen bottle developed a new barrier-coated materials, its product name is smart coat, the process is: blow molding process to get the bottle, after dip coating process, and then immediately into the infra-red oven to make the bottle quickly drying, and then after the second coating, However, the bottle is under ultraviolet radiation curing, a standard dip coating device can handle about 12,000 plastic bottles per hour. One of the purposes of this pet bottle is to fill carbonated beverages, according to the company, 0.5 liters capacity, a single use dipped in the pet bottle, the packaged goods shelf life of up to one year, but not dipped in pet bottles of goods shelf life of only 7 weeks.

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