Development Of Plastic Bottles
- Mar 08, 2018 -

At present, the changes of the world economy, the domestic industrial structure is also in the continuous upgrading stage. In the process of the current industrial upgrading, some low value-added enterprises are confronted with the unprecedented challenges and various difficulties. Today, we will talk about plastic bottle enterprises in the transition storm.

For plastic bottles, there are a variety of problems at present. Let's analyze it carefully. First of all, plastic bottles belong to labor-intensive industries, the current human costs are rising, for plastic bottle enterprises, labor costs have become a great pressure. Second, the rising prices of raw materials, by the various costs of the market rise, the rise of raw materials is obvious, this gives plastic bottle enterprises caused another layer of pressure. Thirdly, with the European debt crisis and the weakness of the world economy, plastic bottles of foreign trade orders gradually decline, many foreign trade enterprises have moved to the domestic market, which has already been a fierce competition in the domestic plastic bottle market has brought greater pressure, the price war more and more fierce, the company's profit is getting lower.

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