Plastic Bottles

"No. 1" PETE
Mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle
Drink bottles do not use hot water
Use: heat resistant to 70℃, only suitable for warm drinks or frozen drinks, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy to deform, there are substances harmful to the human body. Moreover, the scientists found that after 10 months of plastic products, it may release the carcinogen DEHP, which is toxic to the testes.
"No. 2" HDPE
Cleaning products, bath products
It is not recommended to recycle without thorough cleaning.
Use: It can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not easy to clean, leaving the original cleaning products and turning into a hotbed of bacteria. You should not recycle them.
"No. 3" PVC
Currently rarely used for food packaging, it is best not to buy
"No. 4" LDPE
Cling film, plastic film, etc.
The cling film is wrapped in a microwave oven on the surface of the food.
Use: The heat resistance is not strong. Generally, the qualified PE plastic wrap will have a hot melt phenomenon when the temperature exceeds 110℃, leaving some plastic preparations that cannot be decomposed by the human body. Moreover, the food wrapped in plastic wrap is heated, and the fat in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the wrap film. Therefore, when the food is placed in the microwave oven, the wrapped plastic wrap is first removed.
"7" PC
Other categories: kettle, cup, bottle
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